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What am I signing up for? -  We have created an email series for you with all the essential knowledge on buying a new kitchen. As you know kitchens are a long term investment for the home. So before you make all the big decisions, we think there are some important things you really need to know. Our email series will help you to minimise unexpected surprises and regret in the future. See what people say about our email series below!

Thank you for the emails that you sent.

Although I seem to have done a mountain of research myself, I did find them of interest. The induction hob seems the way forward, although I don't know anyone who has one!!! I've really enjoyed the emails, and have learned quite a bit about kitchens from them. I'd love to keep getting them if possible :)


- Helen

Thanks for the emails. They've been interesting. It's useful that you point out the pros and cons of the different options (the worktop email was good for this) as it feels objective rather than a sales gimmick. No questions so far, but sure we may have more next time we see you! Hope that helps.


- Rachel

We are an interior design and architecture firm and we find your email updates very interesting, full of useful information for the public and well written.
Thank you and regards


- Milena

Some of the feedback on our email series :)

I have read your messages with interest and have taken some of the ideas/advice onboard. This will certainly be helpful when we are ready to plan our kitchen.

- Margaret

Dear Andrew, Thank you for your email. I did enjoy your informative emails; we do intend refurbishing our kitchen (though not in the next 12 months), and your emails have been a help as my ideas start to come together.

- Melanie

Yes, found some of them really useful, particularly the one about quality test and work surfaces.

- Adam