Next125 Accessories

Next Bar

Another name for the new stresslessness and a modern natural look. Ideal for a quick breakfast or snack in between and immensely popular when it comes to watching a loved partner prepare and cook a meal, as well as for tasting the wine to establish whether it is the right choice for what will surely be a magnificent dinner.



The practical Flex-Boxes made of real wood are good-looking and provide tidy cabinets. They are exactly tailored to the dimensions of the next125 cabinets, extremely versatile and flexible. They are stackable and can be displaced, so they even include the smallest things creating space for pots and pans at the same time. At the same time, the arising space between the Flex-Boxes accommodates pots and pans. Even in the wall and tall-units, the Flex-Boxes do a very good job when it comes to sorting and grouping.


Next Table & Chair

What is it that distinguishes today‘s kitchen? The kitchen is the centrepiece of every home, a place for communication, getting together, a room for everyone. That is the idea behind next125 table & bench: the large table with the inviting benches. Just sit down, chat, and stay as long as you like. No other room is as cosy as the kitchen. And next125 table & bench is ideal for transforming kitchens and dining rooms into rooms for living.

NT1 Table & Bench

Table Dimensions:
SIZE1: WDH approx.200 x 100 x 75 cm
SIZE2: WDH approx.260 x 100 x 75 cm
Bench Size:
SIZE1: WDH approx. 200 x 42 x 45 cm
SIZE2: WDH approx. 260 x 42 x 45 cm

NT2 Table & Bench

Table Dimensions:
WDH a approx. 160 to 240 x 80 x 74.5 cm

Bench Size:
WDH a approx. 160 to 240 x 44 x 43.5 cm

NC1 Chair

 Chair dimensions:
WDH approx. 63.4 x 60.8 x 53 cm


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