How much does a kitchen cost?

Well in practice that’s one of those ‘how long is a piece of string’ questions. 

A kitchen supplied and fitted can cost between £5000 and £100000 but this really isn’t much help to you! So lets start with an average kitchen and break down the cost areas - 

Old Kitchen Disposal and Site Preparation 

You may not have considered it but first there’s the cost of getting rid of the old one. Typically a day’s work (£250) and around £250 to properly dispose of the old kitchen and appliances. Fridges can be taken to be disposed of by  the council free of charge if you take them yourself. If you can’t do that any commercial organisation will be charged around £50 for disposal of one fridge and will have to pass that cost on. We often donate working appliances to charity which is better than recycling.

Once the kitchen is out it may well require re-plastering. An average cost would be around £400- £500.

Electrical Wiring Costs

Wiring is an area which does require expert assessment. In all but the simplest kitchens there will be a requirement to alter wiring. Whenever a bathroom or kitchen is re-modelled there are normally changes made to the lighting or the power circuits to suit the new layout.

What many people fail to realize is that there can be additional costs over and above the immediate work in the kitchen.

Since August 2008 (in the UK) whenever an electrician makes any changes to circuits in a kitchen or bathroom he/she must bring the installation up to the latest standards. This means that all circuits (including lighting) in a kitchen or bathroom MUST be protected by and RCD or RCCB (same thing). So if your electrics haven’t had any work since 2008 there may be additional work needed. If you have a fuse box with wired fuses you certainly will need additional work.

Electrical costs can vary between £200 and over £1000 depending upon the condition of existing installation and the extent of changes required to supply appliances and lighting.

Kitchen Units Costs

The cost of the kitchen units themselves might typically be between £4000 and £15000 for an average sized kitchen but of course it does depend upon your choice of the style, the finish and the features. Handle-less kitchens cost more as do wall units with lift-up doors. Drawer packs always cost much more than the equivalent cupboards. So the design has a strong bearing on the eventual cost and we always bear budgets in mind when designing.

Kitchen Worktop Choices

Worktop choices have a big impact upon the overall cost. Laminate worktops are the cheapest but these days you can choose from solid surface worktops, quartz worktops, granite, glass, concrete, timber or Corian. So in a typical kitchen the worktops can cost from £300 to several thousands. It all depends upon the choices you make.

Appliances and White Goods

Then there are the appliances. You will normally need a dishwasher, washing machine, oven, hob, and hood. It doesn’t stop there. You can also choose coffee machines, warming drawers, boiling water taps, wine coolers, microwaves, combi microwaves, steam ovens,  fridges, freezers, American fridges,  and waste disposals.  So these can (once again) cost from perhaps a few hundred to several  thousands. There has never been more choice but that makes it difficult to come up with a meaningful guess.


Flooring is another area to consider. You have choice of Vinyl , timber, laminate, vinyl tiles such as Karndean or ceramic  tiled.  Costs vary from £150 to £1000’s.

So (if you’ve read this far) your probably thinking ‘I’m none the wiser’. The good news is that our design pricing and advice are free so finding out just how much your kitchen might cost isn’t so hard after all. We guarantee that we will not pressure you to buy or set artificial deadlines. We will just give you our best design advice and pricing and wait for you to come back to us.  Contact us to discuss your new kitchen project..