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Schüller believes that the kitchen is more than just a functional item, it also represents excellence in furniture design. Beautiful, ergonomically designed elements both external and internal, transform the kitchen into a professional workshop with a unique experience.

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Ultra minimalist design
Touch opening system
* Next125 wall-mounted
A variety of attractive satin lacquer colours to suit your individual kitchen.
Utility room solutions
Country & Traditional style
Continuous grip ledge
Vertical grip ledge
Creative design layout
Curved kitchen units
Room-high plannings
* Units with insertion appliances
*Built-in units with insertion doors
Metal frame rack system
* Recess System
Work-top in different thickness
* Next125 cooking table
Bar counter
Steel table support system
Cantilever bar and table attachments
Table and bench system
Matching household furniture
Counter flap as desk
Creative shelving unit layout
Glass cabinet
Glass drawer unit
Bi-fold glass wall unit
Wall unit with glass slats
* Wall unit with sliding door
* Base unit with sliding door
Storage bench
Roller shutter units
Creative shelf design
Creative recess design
Insertion shelves
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* Flush-fit flap grip
schuller inset handles
Grip ledge handle
grip ledge in 11 different colours
Continuous grip ledge
Mitred glass front support panels
* Rounded support panel
Colour match glass side panel
Visible side match front
* Lava black carcase
16mm Worktop and support panel
* 50mm low plinth system
* Slatted metal plinth
Mirror plinth
Movable breakfast bar
Flush-fit fixed sink *
Front panel for appliance control
Integrated down-draft hood system
Mitred extractor hood
Traditional Chimney hood
Glass cladding for recesses
Recess claddings with graphic
Recess cladding matches worktop
* Next125 cube
Glass container set
Shelves in many colours
Creative shelf inserts
Oak inserts
Elliptical wall shelves
Curved floating sheves
Recess shelf for panel system
Base unit open shelf
End shelf unit
Hob shelf unit with pullout
Plate rack
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Ceramic front *
High gloss lacquered
Glass door front
Painted wood
Real wood veneer
Solid wood
Satin and matt lacquer
Avalible in 25+ satin lacquers
Offers more than 25 trendy satin lacquer colours for your individual kitchen.
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Lighting & Extras

Boiling water tap
Illuminated shelf
Illuminated wall unit
Inside cabinet lighting
Interior lighting for pull-out
Swing LED light
LED built-in spotlights
LED strip light
Illuminated LED grip ledge
Wall light board
Built in shelf lighting
LED open shelf lighting
Bluetooth built in speaker system
Built in speaker plinth
Wireless charging station
Charging station with socket
Pull down socket
Pop-up socket
Socket for fixed front panels
next125 cube socket  *
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Internal cutlery drawer
Flex box
Drawer with spices
Drawer with kitchen roll
Drawer with knife block
Pull-out with perforated plate
Cutlery tray in wood or plastic
Pull-out with lid holder
Multi-box system
Wooden plate holder
Plate rack
Under sink storage pull-out
Integrated scales in drawer
Integrated multi-purpose slicer
Spice insert
Magnetic interior partition
Anti-slip mats
Large capacity plinth pull-out
Pull-out for cooking utensils
Drawer with wire baskets
Waste sorting units
Electrical opening assistance
Tall-unit with internal drawers
Storage pull-out
Tiered pull-out larder unit
Pull-out larder with wire basket
Wardrobe tall unit
Larder unit for bottle crates
Corner tall unit
Baking tray holder
Swivelling pull-out system
Corner unit with carousel
Electrical opening wall units
Swivel-door wall unit
Folding flap wall unit
Glass climber wall unit
Counter flap
Electrical opening freezer door
Door module for storage
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Variable Height system
Variable unit depth
Symmetrical joint pattern
Stackable cabinets
Surface material match
Side & bottom surface match front
Rigid carcass construction
Flat Torx screw connector
Soft closing hinge standard
Shelf pins with retaining pin
Anti slip glass shelf holder
0-protrusion hinge
Visible side extension
Indirect ventilation
Adjustable plinth feet
Height Adjustable from inside
Plinth sliders system
Flexible plinth sealing lip
Adjustable wall unit mounting
Grip ledge for wall units
Optional glass drawer box
350mm  deep drawer units
Drawers with hidden runners
* Metal Drawer with slim side wall
Wall unit with internal handle
25mm shelf units
Schuller Flush-fit design
Made to size filler
* 87cm height carcase
Raised dishwasher
Emmision class A
Goldenes M mark
The association “Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. (DGM)“ only awards a Goldenes M mark for furniture which is put to the acid test. The furniture has to be stable, secure, durable and well-processed – and they are not allowed to contain any health-damaging ingredients. Rigorous tests and continuing controls ensure that furniture with the RAL quality mark fulfill the very high requirements of the DGM.
GS certification mark
A certification mark for technical equipment. It indicates that the equipment meets German and, if available, European safety requirements. The GS Mark includes essential product characteristics such as electrical safety, chemical and hazardous material use, ergonomics and noise, and also covers an evaluation of a manufacturer’s factory production.
ISO9001-2008 certified
The ISO 9001 addresses various aspects of quality management and contains some of ISO’s best known standards. The standards provide guidance and tools for companies and organisations who want to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.
PEFC certified
This certificate governs customer orientation and process quality in respect of requirements and satisfaction with product and design.
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Features only available in NEXT125 kitchens See the range>


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