Cost of fitting

What kitchen companies aren’t telling you about fitting cost...


People often ask us 'how much will my kitchen cost to fit?' and , having seen some competitor's fitting quotes, it is fairly clear that fitting charges vary wildly. It is not unusual to see kitchens sold with fitting costs almost double the price of the actual kitchen!

Showcase Kitchens believe that fitting charges should be transparent and FAIR. So, how can you tell if the fitting cost quoted to you is fair and reasonable?

A good kitchen fitter will charge something between £170 and £250 per day. The length of time taken for the fit varies according to the amount of work to be done but most fits take between 1 and 2 weeks. This means that the average fitting cost should be somewhere between £2000 and £2500. This doesn't include plumbing, plastering, wiring, flooring or tiling which , once again, vary from kitchen to kitchen. It should include plumbing and wiring connections but not additional plumbing and wiring work.

Connection of a gas hob by a gas safe registered fitter normally costs an additional £80 - £100.


Complete plastering of a small to medium sized kitchen costs from £250 - £450.


Tiling including preparation and grouting normally costs around £40 per metre.


This is only intended as a guide, as every kitchen is different, but hopefully it will give you a rough idea of the kind of costs you should expect. Obviously, if your kitchen is much larger than normal then the costs will be proportionately higher. As a general rule, if the fitting cost is exceeding the kitchen supply cost by a fair amount then either there is a good reason or someone is making a lot of money out of you!


So, always make sure that any quote you get separates the fitting cost from the supply cost so that you can be sure you are not being ‘taken for a ride’.


Andrew Winder - MD Showcase Kitchens Ltd