What's the design process? where to start.
We start with measurements. We can't visit you at present so we have to ask you to measure and provide us with the measurements. If you have plans then these will do nicely.
We set up a video call, phone call  or showroom visit to establish all the basic details.
(Don't worry. At a later stage we would check the measurements before any ordering)
Then we create and price a design within a day or two. 
There is normally a series of meetings after the initial design to gradually refine the design until you're happy with it. There is never any sales pressure. You end up with the kitchen you wanted rather than being talked into something...
How to Measure your kitchen
Use of VR technology means that within days you could be looking around your new kitchen! If you fancy trying kitchen design yourself then you can try it here  Anything you create can be sent to us as a starting point. 

Please use our guide to measure the kitchen yourself. We can design for you now or you can try out our design software. If you do try to design it yourself this would give us an idea rather than being the finished item. Pictures of the existing kitchen and  a simple plan are all we need. You can email or post it to us. You can call for advice on measuring (or use a video call for help measuring) if that's easier for you. If you have architect's plans then they will do nicely.

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