About us

Showcase Kitchens was started as a local family company in 1988 and have occupied our shop in Southwick near Brighton since 1991. Over the past 30 years, we have designed and installed more than 1600 kitchens.


As an independent retailer, we deal with multiple manufacturers to offer you the products that suit you. You have greater choice, greater flexibility and because we do not markup on our installation like many others, what you get is a truly great value kitchen! We are committed to providing high-standard products and service to our customers.


  • We have 100’s of kitchen styles to choose from.

  • Kitchen units are customisable and arrive assembled. 

  • We do not charge for surveys or advice.

  • We work with your budget, no hard sell.

  • Varying level of solutions to suit your needs.

  • Our staff are friendly and approachable.

If you are interested in a new kitchen,

why not pop into our showroom to see the kitchens and have a friendly chat (keeping our distance & by appointment)

Video call appointments are also available.